How long is the Donkey Long Tong and is it heavy?

At first, the 80cm may be long to hold but you'll never look back. At 700g, the weight to length ratio makes for a comfortable experience. 


Does it come packaged?

All Donkeys need a place to rest. The box is a snug fit and you get to unwrap it! We do encourage recycling. However, you may use your packaging to start your braai.


Can it be used with food?

Donkeys love food. It is made from Gr304 stainless steel. That's food grade and it can handle the heat of a braai with durable strength. 


What is the best way to clean my Donkey Long Tong? 

When your Donkey gets a little dirty, wash his head with dishwashing liquid, warm water and a scrub sponge.


Do you do international shipping?

Donkeys have no boundaries, they can span the globe. International shipping is excluded at check out. It will be billed separately. 


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