Welcome to our fire pit stays

Imagine a scene where flames strike a poetic pose, putting on a captivating dance, and the untamed wilderness beckons with a whispered invitation to embrace the weekend tranquility. That sets the stage for our dynamic partnership—an escape to the wild side, forged in the heart of adventure. In this series of cabins where landscapes are unspoiled canvases and stories are eager to unfold, we're uniting two powerful elements: the fearless spirit of our explorations and the genuinely captivating charm of Cabin Fever's exceptional cabins.

Think of our cabins as seasoned storytellers, and consider this your exclusive invitation to the serene headquarters of Weekend Bliss!

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Get ready for a stay that's all about good vibes and even better fires! Here's the lowdown on our approved cabins, each rocking the ultimate fire pits to give your getaway the warmth it deserves.

These aren't your average pits—they're more like flame command centers, working overtime to make sure your stay is as toasty as it gets. Picture this: crackling fires, laid-back evenings, and a vibe so warm, you might forget it's not your own living room.

So, go ahead, grab a marshmallow (or three) and let the good times roll.



Verloren Cabin

In the heart of the Touws River valley, nested on Hidden Peaks farm

Experience the Flames

Nestled in the heart of the Klein Karoo, Verloren Cabin by Huizen beckons with an enchanting blend of rustic charm and contemporary comfort. Venture into the embrace of this stylish retreat, where the fire pit becomes the pulsating heart of your wilderness escape.

  • Fireplace: Unwind in the living room or kitchen by the flickering flames of a fireplace, creating a cozy haven.
  • Braai Area: Engage in the age-old tradition of South African braai, forging unforgettable memories under the vast Karoo sky.
Symphony of Fire and Water

Step into the embrace of Verloren Cabin's hot tub sanctuary, where the elemental power of fire and the soothing flow of water converge. This stylish two-bedroom cabin, harmoniously designed to blend with the Karoo landscape, unveils a realm of unparalleled luxury.

  • Hot tub: A cabin adorned with an outdoor hot tub, a rejuvenating shower, and a private jacuzzi, all beneath the expansive Karoo sky.
Fireside Bliss in Verloren

As daylight filters over the hills, your gaze from the comfort of your bed is met by the allure of a braai, inviting you to savor the natural spectacle beyond. This rustic yet stylish cabin boasts two bedrooms, each adorned with double beds and private baths—your personal sanctuary within nature's embrace.

Flames of Culinary Adventure

Step into a realm where the kitchen becomes a playground for braai enthusiasts. The crackling fire in the open hearth dances in harmony with the wilderness that surrounds Verloren Cabin. Here, you'll find the tools of your gastronomic adventure, from a Smeg coffee machine to an air fryer and oven—each a testament to the fusion of style and practicality.

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The Treehouse

Cradled in a private Melozhori Private Game Reserve, is a testament to the wild, the romantic, and the extraordinary

Blaze Beneath the Stars

In the heart of the secluded Melozhori Treehouse, where luxury meets wilderness, an outdoor haven awaits—the ultimate braaiplace beneath the cosmic canopy. Feel the primal allure of the flames as you embark on a culinary journey surrounded by the enchanting sights and sounds of nature.

Here, the fire place is not just a place to cook; it's a stage for crafting memories. The Melozhori Treehouse, has the best braaiplace, a testament to rustic indulgence, beckons adventurers to infuse their meals with the essence of the open fire.

Outdoor Hot Tub

As you step into the warmth of the bubbling waters, surrounded by the embrace of nature, the open flames of the nearby fire pit flicker in rhythm with your heartbeat. The outdoor hot tub becomes a portal, a vessel for rejuvenation set against the backdrop of Melozhori's secluded valley.

Unwind beneath the celestial canvas, where the dance of flames mirrors the dance of stars. Let the crackling fire and the soothing waters transport you to a realm where the wild and luxury coexist, creating an unforgettable, blazing retreat at Melozhori Treehouse.

Bedroom Blaze at Melozhori Retreat

The bedroom, adorned with a crackling fireplace, beckons you to unwind and immerse yourself in the dance of shadows. A wooden bathroom, complete with an open hearth, becomes a stage for indulgent showers or leisurely baths, all while beholding the breathtaking vistas of the valley.

A realm of romance and luxury concealed in an enchanted valley. The bedrooms are sanctuaries of comfort—each with its own fireplace, offering warmth and tranquility. The lodge itself boasts two intimate bedrooms, where the wilderness outside harmonizes with the intimate flames within.

Fireside Gastronomy

In the open-plan kitchen, a Smeg gas hob, coffee machine, air fryer, and a pizza oven stand as testament to the fusion of gourmet sophistication and rustic charm. Picture yourself crafting your own pizza masterpiece or mastering the art of braai on the open hearth, where the flames mirror the wild beauty that envelops Melozhori.

As the evening unfolds, venture outdoors to the braai area and fire pit—a convergence of warmth and wilderness. Beyond the confines of modernity, immerse yourself in an off-grid experience where nature dictates the rhythm, and your culinary prowess sets the tone.

Melozhori Treehouse embodies more than a retreat; it's a canvas for the culinary adventurer. Let the flames guide your gastronomic journey as you bask in the romance of a kitchen that mirrors the untamed spirit of Melozhori's private wilderness.

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Sophie Cabin

Nestled in the heart of the Klein Karoo

Sizzle Haven at Sophie Cabin

Step into the embrace of the braai area—an open-air sanctuary where the spirit of fire meets the art of grilling. This modern and cozy cabin, perched on the hills of Le Domaine Eco Reserve, offers more than just a meal—it's an experience.

Feel the warmth of the open hearth as it flickers in tandem with the breathtaking views of nature. Sophie Cabin's braai area is not just a facility; it's a stage for sizzling delights and outdoor culinary escapades.

Embers & Euphoria

The outdoor terrace, a sanctuary under the cosmic canvas, beckons with the promise of untamed serenity and blazing delights.

At this fireside haven, where the echo of crackling flames orchestrates the dance of nature, discover an intimate escape. The terrace, a testament to modern comfort, unveils a private world where stargazing becomes a ritual, and the warmth of the fire pit kindles tales of daring escapades.

Nestled amidst the hills of the Le Domaine Eco Reserve, Sophie Cabin's terrace is not just an outdoor space—it's an invitation to indulge in the extraordinary. Immerse yourself in the bubbling euphoria of the hot tub, a haven where the juxtaposition of warmth and wilderness creates an ambiance that transcends the ordinary.

Vista of Embered Horizons

Perched on the hills of the private Le Domaine Eco Reservaat, Sophie Cabin's two bedrooms become portals to a landscape painted with hues of wilderness. As daylight cascades, witness the undulating terrain through windows that frame nature's untamed spectacle.

The bathroom transforms into a sanctuary, where the crackle of firewood resonates with the flickering light. As you gaze upon the stars from the expansive terrace, each spark mirrors the untold tales that await beyond the cabin's walls.

Wild Serenity Retreat

The embrace of the eco-reserve offers not just a retreat but a canvas for adventure. From invigorating kloofwandelen and heart-pounding abseiling to the freedom of paragliding and the quiet contemplation of fishing, each moment in the vicinity of Sophie Cabin is a celebration of the untamed spirit.

Awaken your senses to the allure of nature, unwind on the expansive sun terrace, and let the flames guide you through a journey of serenity and exploration. Sophie Cabin invites you to embrace the wild, where the rustle of leaves harmonizes with the crackle of fire, creating an unforgettable symphony of peace and adventure.

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Aviary Hills

Amidst the rugged beauty of Heidelberg, just a two-hour drive from Cape Town

Fireside Haven at Aviary Hills

This luxurious cabin, nestled in the embrace of Le Domaine Eco Reserve (Nature), invites you to a realm where adventure and tranquility converge.

The terrace and braai area are not mere spaces; they are an ode to the primal dance of fire. Picture evenings illuminated by the warm glow, the crackling flames reflecting in your eyes as you unwind in this fireside haven. Here, the call of adventure echoes through the rustling leaves and the tranquil waters of Montagu Dam.

Aviary Hills Cabin is not just a destination; it's an escape into the wild, offering a one-bedroom sanctuary with a double bed, surrounded by the panoramic vistas of nature. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the land, where the flickering flames mirror the untamed spirit of the Klein Karoo.

Firelit Bliss

As twilight descends upon the cabin, the outside aria beckons—an oasis of tranquility featuring a hot tub beneath the open sky. Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of the tub, surrounded by the symphony of the wilderness. The hot tub, a vessel of serenity and warmth, becomes a stage for your nocturnal adventure, a place where the flickering firelight mirrors the spirit of Aviary Hills.

The cabin, with its rustic charm, boasts not only a bedroom adorned with a king-size bed but also a bathroom strategically placed to offer panoramic views of the picturesque landscape. Aviary Hills Cabin transcends mere accommodation; it's an invitation to bask in the elemental dance of fire and water, a sanctuary where every moment is a celebration of the untamed spirit that defines this haven in the hills.

Flameside Tales

Step into a world where the flames in the fireplace mirror the fiery spirit of exploration. The living room, adorned with large stacking doors, opens to vistas that stretch over the Montagu Dam, inviting the outside adventure in. Picture yourself wrapped in the cozy ambiance, surrounded by the rustic allure of Aviary Hills Cabin.

Here, the living room isn't just a space; it's a canvas for the flickering flames and the tales they whisper. Bluetooth speakers resonate with the rhythm of the wild, and the TV becomes a portal to both relaxation and anticipation. As the fire dances, so does the spirit of adventure within Aviary Hills Cabin—a haven where the line between warmth and wilderness blurs, inviting you to lose yourself in the glow of the flames.

Wildfire Adventures

Aviary Hills Cabin doesn't just offer refuge; it unlocks a realm of adventure. Bluetooth speakers serenade your evenings, and a fully equipped kitchen becomes the launchpad for culinary exploits. Slide open the expansive stack doors, and let the panorama of the dam be your backdrop as you immerse yourself in the serenity of the Klein Karoo.

This is not just a cabin; it's a stage for the adventurous spirit. Explore the surrounding wonders—hike through rugged gorges, descend cliffs with abseiling, or cast your line into the exclusive waters of Montagu Dam. Aviary Hills Cabin beckons you to kindle the flames of exploration in the heart of untamed landscapes.

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Hide Montagu

A secluded haven perched atop the hills of the private Le Domaine Eco Reserve in Montagu

The Fire Haven

Welcome to the fiery heart of Hide Montagu Cabin, a clandestine retreat perched atop the hills of the private Le Domaine Eco Reserve in Montagu. This self-catering haven beckons those seeking an intimate escape in the embrace of the Klein Karoo wilderness.

Nestled amidst active fruit export farms, Hide Montagu Cabin unveils a braai area that transcends the ordinary. It's not just a place to cook; it's a rendezvous with the primal dance of flames. Imagine sizzling delights under the vast Karoo sky, as the braai pit becomes the focal point of your culinary escapades.

The Fire-Kissed Feast

Ascend to culinary heights at Hide Montagu Cabin, where the spirit of adventure meets the fiery embrace of the pizza oven. This self-catering sanctuary, perched atop the hills of the private Le Domaine Eco Reserve in Montagu, beckons you to a gourmet escapade like no other.

Engage in a symphony of flavors as you unlock the potential of our fully equipped kitchen, where every dish is born from the heart of exploration. Yet, it's the pizza oven that steals the spotlight—a blazing hearth that transforms ordinary gatherings into sizzling celebrations.

private Le Domaine Eco Reserve

Step into a world where the living space transforms into a sanctuary of warmth and tranquility. The cabin boasts two bedrooms, each with the allure of double beds that seamlessly convert into a king-size haven. The two bathrooms, extending to an intimate outdoor terrace, promise an indulgent experience—whether under the stars or beneath the caress of a refreshing rain shower.

As you traverse the cabin's living room or fully-equipped kitchen, the ambiance resonates with the crackle of possibility. Bluetooth speakers echo the spirit of adventure, and the braai area beckons, promising evenings of culinary exploration under the vast Karoo sky.

Beneath the Stars

Step into a realm where the fire becomes the maestro of your culinary symphony. The outdoor braai area, a rustic sanctuary beneath the stars, invites you to weave your culinary magic in the crisp night air. Here, the flames dance in harmony with the whispers of the Klein Karoo, casting a warm glow on your al fresco feast.

Surrounded by the tranquil embrace of the Eco Reserve, the Hide Montagu Cabin offers an intimate escape where every meal is an adventure. Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary as you indulge in the primal dance of fire and flavor.

Welcome to a space where the sizzle of the braai echoes the spirit of the wild. At Hide Montagu Cabin, let the flames guide your culinary journey, and relish the enchantment of the great outdoors.

Canoeing Adventures Await

Embark on a riveting journey at Hide Montagu Cabin, perched on the hills of the private Le Domaine Eco Reserve in Montagu. Beyond the cozy confines of this self-catering haven lies an adventure like no other—where the call of the wild meets the serenity of the Montagu Dam.

Dive into the heart of exploration as you indulge in the thrill of canoeing, the first chapter in a symphony of outdoor escapades. With direct access to the Montagu Dam, the waters beckon, promising an experience that dances with the fiery spirit of adventure.

This luxurious retreat, surrounded by active fruit export farms, offers two bedrooms with the flexibility to transform into a king-size sanctuary. Immerse yourself in the outdoor allure with bathrooms opening onto an intimate terrace—your gateway to al fresco bathing or rain showers.

Tranquility at Hide Montagu Cabin

Nestled amidst active fruit export farms, Hide Montagu Cabin unveils a braai area that transcends the ordinary. It's not just a place to cook; it's a rendezvous with the primal dance of flames. Imagine sizzling delights under the vast Karoo sky, as the braai pit becomes the focal point of your culinary escapades.

Beyond the tranquility within, venture into the embrace of nature with direct access to the Montagu Dam. Surrounded by active fruit-export farms, Hide Montagu Cabin is a charming retreat that offers more than just accommodation—it's an invitation to unwind and explore.

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The Lodge

Nestled in Nature's Embrace, Where Luxury Meets the Untamed Beauty of Melozhori Private Game Reserve

Fireside Haven at Aviary Hills

Embark on a sensory journey with our fire pits at The Lodge—a fusion of warmth, flavor, and boundless adventure. From the sleek elegance of Terrace Delights to the rugged charm of EarthFire and the primal allure of Megamaster Forest, our fire pits are crafted for the bold.

Immerse yourself in the crackling embrace of predator-free tranquility at Melozhori Private Game Reserve. Here, the fire pit is more than a centerpiece; it's a beacon of exploration, enhancing every moment with the untamed spirit of the wilderness.

Ignite your culinary passions, bask in the primal glow, and let the fire pit at The Lodge be your guide to a world where each ember tells a tale of daring exploits. Welcome to fire pit bliss—where adventure and warmth converge in a symphony of untamed wonders.

Dive into Wilderness Euphoria

Submerge yourself in the luxury of The Lodge's Horizon Pool—an aquatic haven where adventure meets relaxation. With every ripple, embrace the panoramic vista of Melozhori Private Game Reserve, where the untamed wilderness unfolds like a living canvas.

Dive into the pristine waters against the backdrop of nature's grandeur, an oasis surrounded by the serenity of predator-free tranquility. The Horizon Pool at The Lodge is not just a pool; it's an immersion into the unbridled beauty of the Western Cape.

As you float and unwind, let the unparalleled views elevate your senses, creating a symphony of blissful moments. Welcome to Horizon Pool paradise, where the thrill of the wild converges with the tranquility of crystal-clear waters, painting an unforgettable portrait of serenity and adventure.

Lounge in Wilderness Luxury

Step into the heart of opulence at The Lodge's Fireside Lounge—a sanctuary where the warmth of the open hearth converges with the attentive care of our dedicated staff. This is not just a living room; it's a cocoon of comfort amid the untamed beauty of Melozhori Private Game Reserve.

As the flames dance, surrender to the plush embrace of the Fireside Lounge. Our dedicated staff, committed to your every need, transforms your stay into an experience of unparalleled luxury. They are not just attendants; they are curators of your adventure, ensuring every moment is steeped in comfort and exploration.

In this fireside haven, let the crackling flames and personalized service elevate your escape. Welcome to a living room where wilderness luxury meets the attentive embrace of The Lodge's exceptional staff, crafting an ambiance of tranquility and adventure that lingers long after the embers fade.

Where Dreams Ignite

Indulge in unparalleled luxury at The Lodge's Fireside Bedroom—an ethereal retreat where the allure of an open hearth transforms rest into a fireside fantasy. This is not just a bedroom; it's a haven where the warmth of the flames intertwines with the magic of tranquil slumber.

Nestled by the flickering hearth, our Fireside Bedroom unveils a fireplace that transcends the ordinary. It's not merely a source of warmth; it's a storyteller, casting a mesmerizing glow on dreams and creating an intimate ambiance unique to each night's embrace.

As you drift into dreams, let the enchanting dance of flames be your lullaby. The Fireside Bedroom at The Lodge promises a restful sanctuary where every night is a poetic interplay between the extraordinary and the serene. Welcome to a realm where sleep becomes an art, painted in the gentle hues of a truly exceptional fireside experience.

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The Barn House

Where Luxury Echoes Amidst the Untamed Symphony of Little Karoo's Beauty

Firelit Bliss at The Barn

Embrace the primal allure of fire beneath the vast canvas of the Little Karoo sky at The Barn, where modern luxury converges with untamed beauty. The Barn's outdoor haven is more than just a fire pit—it's an elemental symphony, an invitation to bask in the dance of flames amidst the breathtaking natural panorama.

As the sun sets over the fynbos-covered slopes, the open fire pit beckons, casting a warm glow upon the sleek, modern design of The Barn. Unleash your inner adventurer as you gather around the fire, its crackling embers mirroring the untamed spirit of the Karoo landscape.

Indulge in the extraordinary—where fire meets the untamed allure of the Little Karoo—at The Barn. Book your stay now and kindle the flames of an unforgettable escape.

Blaze-Infused Relaxation

The wood-fired hot tub, perched on the opposite slope, offers a panoramic perspective. Let the crackling fire below mirror the blaze within as you soak, gazing upon acacia trees and the vast expanse of the Renosterbosveld. It's not just a tub; it's an adventure in elemental indulgence.

As the wood crackles beneath the tub, let the warmth of the flames mirror the serenity of the Little Karoo. The wood-fired hot tub, with its panoramic views of acacia trees and the sprawling Renosterbosveld, becomes a haven for those seeking both adventure and repose.

At The Barn, where modern luxury meets the primal allure of nature, the wood-fired hot tub is not merely an amenity—it's an elemental sanctuary.

Adventure Awaits Beyond the oven

In the heart of The Barn, where modern luxury meets the untamed beauty of the Little Karoo, discover a culinary haven under the open skies. A wood-fired pizza oven, standing proudly on the paved patio, awaits your gastronomic prowess.

The rustic aroma of crackling wood intertwines with the modern elegance of The Barn, creating an unparalleled atmosphere for fireside feasting.

While the pizza oven beckons your culinary spirit, The Barn's outdoor bliss extends beyond. From a private hiking trail to a wood-fired hot tub overlooking acacia trees, every element of this luxury pod invites you to explore and indulge in the extraordinary.

A-Frame Marvel Amidst Nature's Canvas

Witness the awe-inspiring fusion of modern design and natural grandeur as The Barn's A-frame silhouette stands tall against the fynbos-covered slopes. Secluded in a valley, this tiny house-style pod promises unrivaled views of the Karoo's breathtaking landscapes—a contemporary haven harmonizing with its surroundings.

Follow a private road to The Barn and embrace a design that beckons the outdoors in. From the cozy fireplace in the bedroom to the expansive lounge area's open fire, every corner invites you to bask in the warmth of the flame's embrace while panoramic windows frame the captivating koppies and distant mountains.

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